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Learn Mechanical Engineering With Top Courses on Here you will find every course under 7 $. Even discount up to 95%. Enjoy Your Learning.

Basics of Mechanical Design Engineering

  • Different Designing work in different mechanical industries.

  • Basic of Mechanical Drawing & Drafting.

  • Conventional & Latest measuring Techniques.

  • Aspects of Material selection.

  • Material Testing & Process.

  • Basics of Machine Designing & Core Concepts..

  • Designing Procedure & Reverse Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering- Machine Design-1

Machine Designing Process. First Course on Component Designing In which you learn calculation, designing and modeling of these components

  • Gear Designing & Modeling in Solidworks.

  • Shaft Calculations with different cases and Designing.

  • Designing of lever and modeling.

  • Spring Types & Selection.

  • Bearing Types & Selection

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